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environment Every industrial activity has an environmental and health impact. In order to adhere to standards and legislation this impact should be minimized or avoided. In this context, the main focus of research at the institutes is essentially in the area of sustainable development and solutions for pollution problems and waste management (gases, liquids and solids) and purification of residual industrial effluent, mainly airborne Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Emphasis has been put on techniques such as biofiltration, biopurification, and bioencapsulation.

Other environmentally friendly activities include the design and development of energy-efficient electric drives and small combustion engines, studying the impact of biofuels on mechanical engines and the design and manufacturing of sustainable development concept cars.
Our institutes are able to offer consulting services to resolve industrial environmental pollution problems by implementing waste management techniques such as life-cycle analysis, multi-criteria analysis, specific solid waste management, etc.
Studying the variability of natural radioactivity in an urban environment is also undertaken in order to implement preventative solutions.

Specific training is provided for the protection of people in industrial environments.

InduTec offers Life Cycle Analysis to companies willing to improve their environmental performance. Life Cycle Analysis is a scientific method allowing environmental impacts assessment of products, services or processes. According to the results of the assessment, companies will be able to adapt or modify their economic activities and to comply with the sustainable development concept.

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