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medicine For more than 80 years the three research units located in the Institut Supérieur d'Ergotherapie et de Kinésithérapie Department (ISEK) have been active in Ergotherapy and Physiotherapy. Through national and international collaboration, experimental and applied research is undertaken in order to develop new methodologies and techniques to significantly improve diagnostic aids and patient management.
In addition, the other institutes have worked on the development of devices used in medical fields (basically diagnosis-support tools for both the professional and private communities) and on the development of IT platforms that provide better management of medical imaging.

The units are specialized in:

  • Mechanical behavior studies of different human body parts. Studies include anatomical description, clinical implications, mechanical, and dynamic modeling

  • Modeling of the biomechanical behavior of arterial and venous flows;

  • Numerical modeling of anatomical structures in order to understand the functioning of a lesion;

  • Software and hardware developments allowing analysis of human dimensions;

  • Study of the lymphatic system, its pathology and its role in the immune system (using NMR Imaging -MRI-, analysis of in vivo human imaging, analysis of haemodynamic, and cardiopulmonary parameters);

  • Understanding of the human body under normal and extreme occupational activities and in stressful situations, in order to improve human capabilities in such situations;

  • Development or improvement of medical imaging systems.
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