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biotechnology Since its foundation, the BTU has entered into almost 50 medium-term R&D agreements covering a wide range of activities across a variety of bio-industries, and has signed up in excess of 200 yearly contracts of researchers in the biotechnology sciences (fermentation technologies, protein purification, the drying of biomaterials and environmental engineering).

The Unit of Brewing Sciences and Fermentation Technology is involved in research on yeast physiology, the organoleptic stability of fermented beverages, and the study of new fermentation processes in order to meet teaching requirements and the needs of industry.

As a result of their expertise, their partners and their advanced technical equipment these units address the current needs of industry and provide solutions for challenges in the biotechnology industry. The units are specialized in:

  • Upgrade and validation of protein fermentation and purification processes;

  • Brewery and fermentation yeast physiology, organoleptic stability of fermented beverages and development of new fermentation processes;

  • Production of dry or liquid micro-organisms (probiotics, starters for the food industry, bioepuration, biofungicides etc.);

  • Development of bioprocesses within an environmental technology framework (biofiltration, bioremediation, denitrification etc.) and studies on the configuration of new bioreactors;

  • Numeric modeling of biotechnology processes and fluid flows in reactors.
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Céderic Doutrelepont Céderic Doutrelepont

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