Your Technology Transfer Center

INDUTEC, the Technology Transfer Centre for your Innovation

As an interface of 3 Engineering Brussels University Colleges and Association subsidized by the Brussels-Capital Region, InduTec is an integral part of the innovation system in place since 2006, in the Brussels region and is an important part of the recovery process.

Since November 2007, InduTec expanded its core competencies in using all appropriate internal resources of other departments of the High Schools that belong to different higher institutions.

In line with the objectives of the Brussels-Capital Region, the mission of InduTec comprises four business areas:

1. Valorisation 

The exploitation and dissemination in any form of research results obtained in the High Schools. The aim is to integrate and use these results in the economic world in order to create added value for companies and the region. In practice, the valuation results in scientific publications, patent filings, licensing grants, business creations or spin-off, etc.

2. R&D

InduTec meets for several years to the demands of growing from the economic world, mainly in Brussels for R & amp projects; D fashion pure outsourcing or in cooperative mode. Whether entrepreneurs looking to start a new business or established companies, applications are mainly in the design and development of technical or commercial prototypes.

The strength lies in InduTec all extremely broad of technical expertise that few high-level mobilization for this type of project. In the commercial cycle of a business, InduTec's contribution is upstream from those generally offer the Business Centers, Business Angels and Venture Capitalists since the main objective is technological innovation with companies that generate added value.

To promote aid programs of the Brussels Region, InduTec actively involved in industrial research, pre-competitive development and technical feasibility by helping entrepreneurs and companies when submitting funding aid cases with the Brussels institutions.

Thus InduTec is considered by a number of entrepreneurs and business as an external public center of R&D, with all that it entails benefits for the company: no fixed costs but only an investment in R&D in line with the project, the possibility of support for a large part of R&D, not to mention the risk of reduced competition due to the special status of InduTec.

3. Entrepreneurship

InduTec participates in the results of transposition from the fundamental or applied scientific research into practical applications for the creation of new businesses in the Brussels-Capital Region (particularly in the programmeSpin-Off in Brussels). InduTec offers a comprehensive approach including​:

  • Selection and tangible definition of the innovating idea
  • Technological validation
  • Business management validation
  • Protection of the intellectual property
  • Spin-Off In Brussels (SOIB) submission
  • Design and development of a technical prototype
  • Market survey
  • Development of a commercial prototype
  • Business plan
  • Company creation

This approach is open to any individual who has an innovative idea and wishing to create a business or a business in the Brussels region.

4. Support the initiatives of the Brussels-Capital Region

InduTec used to help entrepreneurs and companies when submitting funding aid cases in the Brussels-Capital Region. InduTec involved in industrial research, pre-competitive development and technical feasibility study.

InduTec also provides assistance when submitting subsidy files for the realization of research projects whose themes are in the areas of jurisdiction of the Brussels region.

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