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Centre de Recherche et de Développement de l'ECAM (CERDECAM)

Pour répondre aux exigences de transmission et de développement du savoir et prendre en charge les aspects contractuels des projets, l'ECAM (Haute Ecole Léonard de Vinci) a créé en 1982 l'asbl CERDECAM. L'association propose du conseil et de l'assistance aux personnes, sociétés privées et organismes publics dans les domaines de la recherche, du développement et de la formation et participe à des projets de Recherche et Développement menés en collaboration avec des entreprises industrielles et financés par des organismes publics.

Centre d'Information et de Recherche sur les Intolérances et l'Hygiène Alimentaire (CIRIHA)

Le CIRIHA est un centre de recherche dans les domaines des réactions adverses aux aliments et des maladies cardiovasculaires.
Il se développe en tant que centre de guidance dans les domaines des réactions adverses aux aliments, de l'hygiène alimentaire et de la nutrition pratique. Son objectif est d'apporter une aide au monde médical, paramédical, économique et au grand public sous forme de consultance, d'informations et de formations.

Institut de Recherches de l'Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles (IRISIB)

Dans un contexte d'innovations technologiques, l'asbl IRISIB, centre de recherche de l'Institut Supérieur Industriel de Bruxelles (Haute Ecole Paul-Henri Spaak) aide à la mise en oeuvre et à l'adaptation des technologies dans la pratique industrielle sous les formes de projets spécifiques comme par exemple : l'application des techniques nucléaires à l'art, la mesure du Radon dans les bâtiments et les sols, la dosimétrie médicale, des installations photo-voltaïques couplée au réseau électrique, la caractérisation de revêtements de surfaces.

Laboratory of Sensory Technology and Analysis (LSTA)

Since more than 15 years LSTA evaluates beverages, cosmetics, foods, fragrances, health care products, packaging, paints... using Sensory Analysis. The multidisciplinary team includes experts in analytical chemistry, physicochemical, genetical analysis, statistics, process and legal claim (Beltest auditor).

Research Laboratory in the field of Arts and Sciences (LARAS)

LARAS is part of the LABORATORY of Electronics/Informatics of the Industrial Engineering Institute of Brussels – ISIB

Meurice R&D

Because the demands of industry are increasing and diversifying, because the scientists from the Institut Meurice (University College Lucia de Brouckère) have acquired renowned expertise, and because they are constantly following the development of techniques and technologies, they founded the Meurice Recherche et Développement association in 1994, within which they were joined in 2001 by their colleagues from the Institut de Recherches Microbiologiques Jean-Marie Wiame. The research collaborations with companies and external organisations enable Meurice R&D to internationally acquire a scientific level equivalent to that of the top applied research centres of the universities and university colleges.

Unité de BioTechnologies (UBT)

Started in 1983 in ordre to enhance the skills and the competences inside the Meruice Institute (University College Lucia de Brouckère), the UBT offers its competences in five major engineering domains : brewery technologies, protein purification, drying of biomaterials, bioengineering and the environmental engineering, and processes computer-based design . Since its creation 50 mid-term R&D contracts with industrial companies were performed representing 200 yearly full-time equivalent researches.

rational use of energy With energy use an increasingly important issue these days, the skills and expertise of the institutes in the energetic and thermal fields are focused on the development of technology resulting in the rational use of energy and on implementing renewable sources of energy (wind, solar and photovoltaic).

The emphasis is on resolving energy issues in the industrial, residential and tertiary sectors. The management tools and remote management of energy consumption developed by the institutes have produced a rational use of energy and a reduction in energy consumption within the industrial infrastructure.

Within this context, consultancy services are offered in the areas of:

  • Design of energy installations
  • Compliance of technical installations
  • Resolving multiple problems related to energy loss in buildings.

Research programs related to energy issues are also conducted in the automotive field, for example : study of the impact of biofuels on engine performance, study of new eco-concept cars (Shell Eco Marathon), and study of energy savings in hybrid vehicle engines.

Activities in Physical Sciences and Measurements include:

  • Physical and fine chemistry
  • The application of physical and physicochemical methods to archeometry
  • Nuclear physics, nuclear radiation measurements and monitoring
  • Development of tools for acoustic measurements
  • Metrologie


environment Every industrial activity has an environmental and health impact. In order to adhere to standards and legislation this impact should be minimized or avoided. In this context, the main focus of research at the institutes is essentially in the area of sustainable development and solutions for pollution problems and waste management (gases, liquids and solids) and purification of residual industrial effluent, mainly airborne Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Emphasis has been put on techniques such as biofiltration, biopurification, and bioencapsulation.

Other environmentally friendly activities include the design and development of energy-efficient electric drives and small combustion engines, studying the impact of biofuels on mechanical engines and the design and manufacturing of sustainable development concept cars.
Our institutes are able to offer consulting services to resolve industrial environmental pollution problems by implementing waste management techniques such as life-cycle analysis, multi-criteria analysis, specific solid waste management, etc.
Studying the variability of natural radioactivity in an urban environment is also undertaken in order to implement preventative solutions.

Specific training is provided for the protection of people in industrial environments.

InduTec offers Life Cycle Analysis to companies willing to improve their environmental performance. Life Cycle Analysis is a scientific method allowing environmental impacts assessment of products, services or processes. According to the results of the assessment, companies will be able to adapt or modify their economic activities and to comply with the sustainable development concept.

medicine For more than 80 years the three research units located in the Institut Supérieur d'Ergotherapie et de Kinésithérapie Department (ISEK) have been active in Ergotherapy and Physiotherapy. Through national and international collaboration, experimental and applied research is undertaken in order to develop new methodologies and techniques to significantly improve diagnostic aids and patient management.
In addition, the other institutes have worked on the development of devices used in medical fields (basically diagnosis-support tools for both the professional and private communities) and on the development of IT platforms that provide better management of medical imaging.

The units are specialized in:

  • Mechanical behavior studies of different human body parts. Studies include anatomical description, clinical implications, mechanical, and dynamic modeling

  • Modeling of the biomechanical behavior of arterial and venous flows;

  • Numerical modeling of anatomical structures in order to understand the functioning of a lesion;

  • Software and hardware developments allowing analysis of human dimensions;

  • Study of the lymphatic system, its pathology and its role in the immune system (using NMR Imaging -MRI-, analysis of in vivo human imaging, analysis of haemodynamic, and cardiopulmonary parameters);

  • Understanding of the human body under normal and extreme occupational activities and in stressful situations, in order to improve human capabilities in such situations;

  • Development or improvement of medical imaging systems.

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